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DJ Dekade has performed at both private and public events for over twenty years. DJing at weddings, private events, hotels, bars, clubs, and on cruise ships, DJ dekade is known for his vast knowledge in musical selection based off of crowd and venue. Creating unforgettable experiences and sharing the passion for music is DJ Dekade’s top priority.

Performing in more than 25 counties and working with five separate cruise lines, DJ Dekade has had the privilege of DJing on the Msc Divina for their inaugural cruise. Music knowledge and reading his audience is important for DJ Dekade as he takes pride in his workmanship and treats every gig as a learning opportunity to expand his career and professional capabilities. Being organized, prepared, and able to give the audience the ultimate entertainment experience is a philosophy DJ Dekade brings to his career. DJ Dekade is always expanding and learning to stay a step ahead of all other DJs. With working in an expanding field, Dekade chooses to prepare and execute each gig with professionalism and bringing his ever expanding knowledge to ensure the best experience possible for all clients.

…DJ Dekade is from Miami, FL. At the age of sixteen, Dekade spent hard earned money on a pair of 1200’s and a mixer to be able to start his DJ career and produce innovative mix tapes. Dekade started his career as a hip-hop DJ on Friday nights in the popular south beach area.Starting as a hip-hop DJ, Dekade expanded his passion to include techno music. This expansion took Dekade to larger gigs in the Virginia Beach area. With his interest and passion for all music and formats, Dekade was able to relocate to Florida and leverage his new capabilities in DJing private functions.!
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Name:  Dekade Blair

Email: bookings@dekadeentertainment.com 

Location: Fort Lauderdale FL

Phone: 866-335-2337