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Why 2 out of 3 brides prefer a DJ to a band


The DJ advantage:

I’m like you:  I love music, and I love a good band.

In fact, Dekade Entertainment is friends with many top notch bands in South Florida.  Having said that, the Knot conducted a nationwide survey of some 18,000 brides and learned that 2 out 3 hired a professional DJ instead of a band.

One DJ advantage really stands out with brides here in our area:  flexibility.  We can play about any song you want by the artist of your choice.

DJ flexibility matters to brides

Take the timeless classic song for a wedding first dance, “The Way You Look Tonight.”  It was written way back in 1936 for a movie called “Swing Time” with lyrics by Dorothy Fields and music by Jerome Kerns.

Many local bands don’t know the song.  And for those that do, can they compete with the polished, professional arrangements and vocals that a Michael Bublé provides?  Just listen to the video above.  It’s hard to beat those seductive Latin rhythms that caress your ears, isn’t it? And Bublé is simply the best.

On the other hand, perhaps you’d rather hear the great jazz artist, Harry Connick Jr., singing your first dance song as only he can do it: with jazz!

Or maybe you love the super smooth voice of Adam Levine:

Looking for romance on steroids?  How about the legendary Tony Bennet singing a duet with the lovely Faith Hill?

How about a retro interpretation of the song by Chad & Jeremy?

You’ll never go wrong with this definitive interpretation by the Chairman of the Board himself, Frank Sinatra, and a simply swinging arrangement by the great Nelson Riddle.

Which version do you like best?

Great artists make a great song like “The Way You Look Tonight” their own, which poses this question:  “Which version do you like best?”

Here’s the thing:  a DJ can play whatever version fits your style and personality, and Dekade Entertainment has these versions and more.  We can get whatever you want if we don’t.

This flexibility is a significant DJ advantage, one that contributes to the popularity of Dekade Entertainment for South Florida weddings.

What songs do you want to hear at your wedding reception? And who do you want singing them? Our clients gain access to our musical database to start planning the wedding of their dreams! Learn more now, and then get ready to start dreaming about your big day utilizing the DJ advantage preferred by South Florida brides.

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